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Sedation Dentistry in Pleasant Grove

1. Nitrous Oxide:

Our office has found great success with anxious patients with the use of Nitrous Oxide. MANY of our patients, young and old, have found their dental experience to be much more enjoyable with the use of 'Happy Gas'. Sometimes we will use a sedative pill in conjunction with this for the highly anxious patient but most people are completely relaxed with Nitrous/oxygen only. For this option our patient is awake but very relaxed.

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Q: What is nitrous oxide/oxygen?

A: Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a blend of two gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide. When inhaled, it is absorbed by the body and has a calming effect. Normal breathing eliminates nitrous oxide/oxygen from the body.

Q: How will I feel when breathing nitrous oxide/oxygen?

A: You will smell a sweet, pleasant aroma and experience a sense of well-being and relaxation. If you are traditionally worried by the sights, sounds, or sensations of dental treatment, you may respond more positively with the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen.

Q: How safe is nitrous oxide/oxygen?

A: Very safe. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is perhaps the safest sedative in dentistry. It is nonaddictive. It is mild, easily taken, then quickly eliminated by the body. You remain fully conscious, keep all natural reflexes, when breathing nitrous oxide/oxygen.

Q: Are there any special instructions for nitrous oxide/oxygen?

A: First, consume little or no food before the dental visit. (Occasionally, nausea or vomiting occurs with a full stomach.) Second, tell your dentist about any respiratory condition that makes breathing through the nose difficult for you. It may limit the effectiveness of nitrous oxide/oxygen. Third, tell your dentist if you are taking any medication on the day of the appointment.

Q: Will nitrous oxide/oxygen work for everyone?

A: Dentists know that all people are not alike! Every service is tailored to you as an individual. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is not effective for some people, especially those who have severe anxiety, nasal congestion, extensive treatment needs, or discomfort wearing a nasal mask. Dentists have comprehensive training and can offer other sedation methods that are right for you.

David Daynes DDS is a general dentist offering sedation dentistry to anxious patients in Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Orem, Highland and surrounding areas of Utah County. Call now or send a online appointment request, we welcome new patients into our practice and look forward to serving you!

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