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Wisdom Teeth Removal / Dental Extractions in Pleasant Grove

Wisdom Tooth removal, extraction in Pleasant Grove, Utah countyWisdom teeth are considered "impacted" or unable to erupt when they have no place to go or grow. They may grow in sideways (which can destroy your second molar), only partially come through the gum causing a bacteria trap resulting in recurrent infections or remain trapped beneath the gum and bone forming a fluid filled sac (cyst) or tumors that destroy the jaw or teeth.

Wisdom teeth can be considered not functional if they are:

  • Badly decayed
  • Have gum disease
  • Cause pain
  • Move other teeth out of alignment
  • Interfere with your biting

Benefits of early removal of wisdom teeth, around the age of 16 or 17, can help you to avoid future problems. At a younger age:

  • Tooth roots are not fully developed
  • The surrounding bone is softer
  • There is less chance of damaging nerves
  • There is less surgical risk
  • Healing is generally faster

Many patients appreciate our sedation options available while undergoing the operation.

David Daynes DDS is a general dentist extracting wisdom teeth and other oral surgery in Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Orem, Highland and surrounding areas of Utah County. Call now or send a online appointment request, we welcome new patients into our practice and look forward to serving you!

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