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It is important to us to bring to our patients the very best Dentistry has to offer. Dr. Daynes is savvy about keeping current with State of the Art equipment to improve your care.

Digital X-rays:

Did you know our Digital x-rays use MUCH less radiation than what is required by regular film and are very comfortable in the mouth? We utilize the latest in digital x-ray technology called the Optime system. Our comfortable sensors are scanned by a laser and digitized to better diagnose conditions.   This information can be shown to our patients in each operatory so you can understand fully your oral health.

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Portable X-rays:

We utilize the latest in x-ray technology called Aribex Nomad which gives off such a low dose of radiation, the staff can hold it in their hand and no longer has to leave the room when exposing x-rays.

Dental x-rays in pleasant grove, utah county

Intra- and Extra-Oral Photography:

The technology allows us to show our patients their teeth on the computer screen so they better understand why we are recommending the treatments we propose. We use the Gendex EZ1 intra-oral camera and Cannon 30D camera with dental zoom lens /ring-flash.

Dental imaging in pleasant grove, utah county

Laser Cavity Detection:

The Laser Scanner finds ultra-small cavities years earlier!

If you are like most of us, you’ve had the dentist find a cavity, place a rather large filling, and you’ve wondered why the filling is so large if the cavity wasn’t there just six months before. The answer is that the cavity was there six months before — it just wasn’t big enough to show on x-rays, and it wasn’t visible to the dentist yet. The greatest advance in dental diagnostics since the x-ray, the new Diagnodent Laser Scanner can now find cavities years earlier, when the ultra-small cavity can be removed very comfortably, many times without numbing, and repaired with a small invisible bonded filling.

Dental Laser in pleasant grove, utah county

Dentrix Software:

This is the largest dental software company in the USA and did you know it was developed locally in American Fork, Utah? This is where all of your dental information and treatment plans are stored. This software lets us do many things like manage proposed treatments, show pictures of your mouth and show you what proposed treatments could look like, and keep all patient information safe and secure.

Dental technology in pleasant grove, utah county


We know you expect to have your dentistry performed in clean environment and we like working in one too. We take this very seriously. We want our patients to know that our sterilization standards are second to none and are well above what is required by the profession and OSHA.

Firstly, we utilize every single-use product we can in the office and these are disposed of after each patient.

Lets discuss about what each instrument goes through before it goes in your mouths. Each instrument is hand washed and put into a special enzymatic cleaning bath called a Biosonic Ultrasonic for 15 minutes.

Dental sterilization in pleasant Grove, utah county

This scrubs the instruments with millions of little energized air bubbles which clean all fluids and contaminants from the instruments. Each instrument is then placed in sealed pouches which then go into our Statim sterilizers where they are sterilized with steam, pressure, and heat.

They are kept sterilized in these pouches until they are used in your care. Each of our sterilizers is tested weekly by independent tests to ensure they are sterilizing correctly. All surfaces in the operatories in sanitized with a hospital grade sanitizer between every patient. Once again we take this whole process very seriously for your safety.

David Daynes DDS brings the latest in dental technology (digital x-rays, lasers, computerized dentistry) to his patients in Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Orem, Highland and surrounding areas of Utah County. Call now or send a online appointment request, we welcome new patients into our practice and look forward to serving you!

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