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Braces in Pleasant Grove

Orthodontics and braces in pleasant grove, utah county Braces in pleasant grove, utah county

Faster, more affordable, and less discomfort

Dr. Daynes utilizes a revolutionary system of braces in our office called Tip Edge Orthodontics. The benefits of this system include that we can use less force in moving teeth which means less discomfort for the patient, and we enjoy shorter overall treatment times.   Most of our patients wear braces for only 6 to 22 months. Our fees are often more affordable than traditional Orthodontists. We also offer a reduced “tune-up” fee for patients who wore braces in the past, but have experienced some relapse.  

Actual orthodontic patient of Dr. Daynes

Esthetic "Clear Invisible" Braces

For an additional fee we offer white ceramic brackets which move the teeth similarly to our metal brackets but without the metal.  We even have white wires which can be used during stages of your treatment. For additional information you can download our patient brochure on clear brackets / wires. Want no signs of braces?  Check out our offerings of clear aligners.

Ceramic or clear braces in pleasant grove, utah county.

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Orthopedic expansion

Many orthopedic problems are the result of a narrow palate. We can use orthopedic appliances to widen the upper jaw. This helps avoid tooth extractions and leads to wide, beautiful smiles. We treat young children with problems that affect the size and shape of their jaws. Corrections made at age 7 to 9 years old may eliminate the need for more extensive treatment later.


Is it necessary to pull teeth to get the best results?
Although extractions are necessary in some cases, it is now possible to effectively treat most cases without extracting teeth.

Orthodontist or general dentist?

An orthodontist, and a general dentist practicing orthodontics, are both dentists. They are both given the same license to practice. There is no additional special certificate required to be able to practice orthodontics. The two doctors are differentiated in how they learn orthodontics. An orthodontist is awarded a postgraduate degree after taking two years of full-time orthodontic study at a dental school sanctioned by the ADA. A general dentist can obtain comprehensive orthodontic knowledge by taking postgraduate courses, which are also sanctioned by the ADA.  Dr. Daynes has been involved with an intensive part-time two year course which allows him to offer his patients orthodontic services and still be your regular full service Dentist.   Our braces are often less expensive than Orthodontists and we can handle cleanings and fillings / extractions if indicated without going to multiple offices during treatment.

Here is a time lapse video example tooth movement expected with the Tip-Edge brackets:  

And for those science nuts who like to know how everything works, this is for you:


David Daynes DDS is a general dentist providing braces / orthodontics serving the people of Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Orem, Highland and surrounding areas of Utah County.

Celebrating 40 years


"Dentistry sure has changed, I didn't feel a thing."

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"I really appreciate your payment options. I had a hard time finding a dentist who would let me spread out the payments."

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"Dr. Daynes and his staff took the time to answer all of my questions in a way that I could understand. They laid out all the fees before we started so there were no surprises."

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"Dr. Daynes has done quite a bit to update the office. My teeth look and feel great!"

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"I knew Dr. Atkinson would find someone very compassionate to take over for him."

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